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Bryant's focuses on you to help you focus on your clients, customers and patients. What do your customers, clients and patients think of your business? What more do they want from your business? Bryant's will help you find out! Once we find out, Bryant's will help you make the changes needed so their experiences with you—whether on social media, on a virtual encounter, on your webpage or face-to-face—are highly satisfying.


Donald Bryant founded Bryant's Business Solutions in 2004 and has worked on a wide variety of projects, including:

  • Helping a utility provider improve the on-time payment of bills
  • Increasing the satisfaction of the patients of a rehabilitation clinic
  • Providing quality sex education to special needs students
  • Analyzing data from a speech therapy research program

Donald Tex Bryant has been an excellent independent contractor for Kent ISD, providing evaluation services specific to our health grants, both state and federal. He has provided consultation and data analysis for the following grants:

  • SNAP-Ed Nutrition and Physical Activity Grant, managed by Michigan Fitness Foundation through USDA
  • Sexual Risk Avoidance Grant, U.S. Health and Human Services, Family and Youth Services Bureau
  • Drug Free Communities (SAMHSA Grant)
Cheryl Blair Ed.D.

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