Use Surveys and Focus Groups

Surveys and focus groups are an excellent way to measure the strengths of a bussiness' brand and to reveal insights into how to grow the brand. Social media data and Google Analytics as well as A/B testing provide insights into the strength of a business brand but surveys and focus groups do so much more. One can find answers to two important questions with surveys and groups: (1) Were you satisfied with the service that you received? and (2) Would you recommend this business to family and friends?. Much more can be learned with questions that directly address what it takes to increase customer and patient satisfaction.

Bryant's works with outpatient clinics to develop surveys that measure patient satisfaction. Satisfied patients are more likely to follow their doctor's advice and orders. Thus, outcomes will more likely be positive. Reports from the surveys will show physicians how to better engage their patients in improving their health.

Bryant's works with a variety of clients in developing and administering surveys.

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