Introduction to Six Steps | Bryant's Business Solutions

Bryant's Business Solutions follows six steps to help you understand your customers better. With increased understanding, a business can build a better customer journey that increases customer satisfaction. Increased satisfaction leads to increased sales!

Step 1—Understand Your Customer

  • Define the research questions—the outcomes of a better customer journey
  • Divide the target customers into discrete personas
  • Describe each persona
  • Collect data to better understand each persona

Step 2—Map the Customer Journey

  • Touchpoints: points of contact between the customer and the business
  • Customer Journey: the sequence of touchpoints that a customer has with a business from pre-sale to post sale
  • List common journeys that customers have with your business
  • Assess the impact of each touchpoint of common journeys, whether positive or negative
  • Document the impact and pain points
  • Prioritize journeys and pain points for improvement

Step 3—Plan a Better Customer Journey—Future State

  • Form teams to create optimal journeys
  • Using prioritized journeys and data collected in Step 2 create ways to optimize most important journeys
  • Predict outcomes for each of the optimized journeys; keep the end in mind

Step 4—Optimize the Short Term

  • For quick wins identify improvements that are easy and cheap
  • Assign changes to be made to a team
  • Track changes and success of implemented changes

Step 5—Implement Long-Term Improvements

  • Identify changes that take longer and/or are more costly
  • With a team plan implementation of changes to be made
  • Track changes and success of changes

Step 6—Repeat the Steps to Create Even Better Customer Journeys

  • Change should be continuous
  • With data collected measuring success of changes find ways to make even better customer journeys
  • Update business outcomes in response to changes in environment and changes to vision/strategic plans

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