Resorces from Bryants

Bryant's has been publishing a monthly newsletter since 2004. If you would like to receive it monthly in your inbox, email Tex Bryant at and asked to be put on the email list.

Following are three recent newsletters that focus on understanding your customers better:
August 2021—by understanding your customers better you can increase your sales. Read to find out why.
September 2021—understanding your customers wells takes a lot of work. This newsletter points out the first steps in the journey of knowing your customers and clients better.
October 2021—there are many resources that a business has that are free or cheap that can be leveraged to understand their customers better. The October newsletter highlights some of them.
November 2021—five of the indirect tools for market research are probably familiar to most businesses. These include internet research and industry analysis. The November newsletter focuses upon these.

Bryant's also creates video content on a YouTube channel—The Customer Speaks.

Following is a recent video.