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Checklist for recognizing a quality healthcare organization: Click here to link to a pdf document which briefly lists 7 basic criteria of any organization which implements a total quality program.

Focus on Planning--MGMA member Jeffry Rydburg lists five areas of planning that all practices should focus upon. He listed these in Financial Management Network in July 2017. See if these are your focuses too.

Below you will find links to newsletters focusing on moving towards becoming a value-based provider. The focus is on Physician Leadership, Patient Engagement and Experience, and Telemedicine.

September 2017--Team meetings are very important in achieving the best possible outcomes in healthcare. Team membership, team participation, team leadership are very important. Learn the importance of these and other team tools with this newsletter.

August 2017--The best outcomes at a practice site or care site occurs when there is effective teamwork. This newsletter focuses on measuring the strength of team culture at your site and how you can improve the strength of teams at your site.

July 2017--Healthcare relationships are very important. Patients trust their providers that they will care for them effectively. If this trust is harmed by carelessness, the results can be negative for both patient and provider. Read more to see how to keep trust in clinician-patient relationships.

June 2017--Healthcare sites are awash in data and much of it is not used to improve care while reducing overall costs. This newsletter will show you how to effectively analyze data to improve the care at your site.


Below are links to some other of my past articles that are posted on the web site EzineArticles.com and you can go to EzineArticles.com to find many more articles that I have written over the past 11 years.

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